Take the opportunity and bring your skills to a whole new level by perfecting your art


Bojana Nikolin online education basic training
Has been designed for students who want to get additional knowledge and practice after obtaining the certificate. Part of course Bold Brows Perfection is new pattern Bold Brows variations.
Bojana Nikolin online education basic training

A Pattern variation, which progresses to another dimension viewable through the eye of art.

 This stroke pattern has been created to simulate the natural hair growth direction in order to achieve the most hyper realistic hairs. 

I invite you to leave your comfort zone and discover this art of microblading.

“Let’s create a master pieces together”

Live Perfection training usually last for one day and it can, but does not have to, include work on live model. 

With both live and online perfection training you will get Craft Master support app for 3 months. 

A small starter kit is obtained within the perfection training.

Starter kit contains:​

  • 4x disposable phibrush tool eccentric
  • 1x skin candy (50 pieces)
  • 1 x skin simulation (3 pieces without drawn shape)
  • 1 x block tonic wipes
  • 1x phi asept wipes (20 pieces)
  • 1x self adhesive pigment container
  • 1 x higi mask
  • 1 x pencil shape